Saqib Nawaz

"I have helped many Amazon FBA Sellers to rank their listings and build a profitable asset."

I'M Amazon FBA Consultant Amazon Store Manager Freelancer

About Me.

i'm a Amazon FBA Consultant who loves to launch and rank amazon listings. I also enjoy Product hunting, Sourcing, Manychat & Facebook ads.

I've been working full-time as an Amazon Virtual Assistant and have assisted many amazon businesses in boosting their sales and revenue.

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I offer A-Z Amazon FBA related services. Few of my services are listed below.

Product Hunting

I will hunt profitable product for any market with high Jungle Scout Score(above 4), no brand dominance & not seasonal.

Product Sourcing

I will nogioate the local & international suppliers to deal with the best possible price .

Listing Optimization

I will create and optimize your Amazon listings, put your top keywords in listing title, do keyword optimization & backend optimization.

Amazon PPC Advertising

I will run your PPC Campaign and lower your ACoS to maximize your PPC Revenue. I will run auto, manual PPC, adjust the bids & put keywords in negetive list to increase the profit.

Manychat & Facebook Ads

I will use the messenger automation to do the initial boost for your new listings. I will run Fb Ads effectively to improve your BSR ratings and generate revenue.

Account Handling

I will Manage your listings, check the reports & deal with negetive recviews by either contacting the customers or opening a case with amazon.


If you are worried about your Amazon Store Management, Higher ACoS & Listing Rnaking, Contact Me for free consulting.